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How would not modern fashionistas dressed up in jackets, such an object of women's closet as a coat is out of competition. After all, this type of clothing has a lot of advantages, including the amazing ability to combine harmoniously with other outfits and look good in any style image. In addition, the coat perfectly emphasizes femininity and is considered an indicator of good taste. What models of women's coats are in the list of spring 2022 trends?

What styles and colors to pay attention to girls and women who want to keep up with fashion? About all this and many other nuances you will learn from the material below. https://pix-feed.top/basic-women-s-clot … 22-season/

Fashion trends

With the advent of a new season every representative of the fair sex has a desire to update the closet and fashion trends for coats worry each of them. In the season of spring 2022 there will be a great variety of styles. Here will find the ideal model for yourself and lovers of the original cut, and ladies who prefer the style of oversize, and fans of the classics. Coats with large pockets and voluminous sleeves, trench coats, capes, coats with a low line of shoulders, without buttons or as a robe, all these novelties in the collections are well-proven on the podiums. And what a variety of colors and prints awaits fashionistas! This is a veritable extravaganza of colors! And this is just the tip of the iceberg. https://pix-feed.top/fashionable-spring … on-trends/


As we have already said, the spring coat 2022 is a great choice of models, which differ from each other, primarily due to the variety of styles. Products from the oversize series are coats "with someone else's shoulder", the main feature of which is an elongated line of shoulders and voluminous sleeves. A big collar and a loose fit are characteristic for a coat-coat. Coats without buttons this spring are recommended to wear wide open, as a stylish accent in the image. Classic double-breasted coats for women are still decorated with buttons in two rows, and still attract attention with their restraint. No less attractive option is the model of women's coats with raglan sleeves, sleeveless, fitted products in the English style, coats with solid or sloping shoulders and military style coats, which, as well as men's coats are distinguished by severity.

Colors and prints

The range of women's fashionable overcoats includes a wide range of colors, allowing girls or women to fully emphasize their individuality and mood. Trending colors include classic black and white, brown palette, which includes both warm and cold shades and the constant red. The special charm is given to products made in the brightest shades, such as lemon, grass, mint, sapphire, lime or raspberry. And of course let's not forget about prints. In fashion, and not surprisingly, are the checks and stripes. And to them in addition the designers added plant motifs, "animal" prints and abstractions. You just need to decide on which product you should choose, because they all look insanely beautiful. https://pix-feed.top/spring-summer-fash … eet-style/


The choice of women's coats on the length of the product should be based primarily on the growth parameters of each fashionable woman. And in simple words - on an individual basis. For example, a shorter model, length up to mid-thigh is ideal for holders of long legs or short stature. Products below the knee length will perfectly hide unattractive legs and look beautiful on the high girls. As for the length of fashionable coats for the spring 2022, there is a fairly large range of mini, midi and maxi models. Match the selected option with other details of the image and get on the list of the most stylish ladies! https://pix-feed.top/fashion-for-women- … s-over-50/


No less pleasant discovery of the spring 2022 season will be the choice of materials for women's coats. Designers also tried to please fashionable women in this matter and combined the wishes of the beautiful half of humanity and fashion trends into one whole. Spring overcoats from synthetic leather with a huge variety of colors ranging from basic, classic colors, ending with colorful products, with prints on a variety of subjects, are the masthead of 2022. Wool and tweed, drape and cashmere are also popular and in demand. As for new products list, besides leather, it includes coats made of plush, corduroy and of course, velvet. https://pix-feed.top/spring-2022-women- … op-trends/

The decor

One more important detail, which, in our opinion, just perfectly changed the spring collection of women's coats, is the decor. Yes, yes, the decor! Indeed, as all fashion designers say, in order for the product to drive mad more than one lady, it should not only be made qualitatively, but also decorated, "correctly to present". This spring, combining fabrics and neat leather straps, trimming with fur, feathers and all sorts of ruffles are in fashion. In a trend of beads and colorful buttons, and also a fringe on the bottom of products, embroidery and of course, large pockets. https://pix-feed.top/women-s-jeans-mom- … ble-image/

Quilted coats

The products of this plan will certainly attract the attention of business ladies, who choose outfits, in the first place, assess the level of comfort and practicality. Among the new fashionable coats with a slightly fitted classic silhouette and free style blown products, which, if desired, can be complemented by a belt or worn without it. In fact - it is something between a bulk down jacket and a classic strict coat. Or rather a symbiosis of characteristic differences of both models in one product. The color performance of quilted coats is quite diverse. There is the classic black, gray, green and blue. As they say - for every taste! https://pix-feed.top/women-s-new-year-d … e-holiday/

How to choose

Any woman knows that just to look for a beautiful fashionable coat is half the battle. It is also necessary to know how to choose it correctly, taking into account the characteristics of your figure. After all, in spite of a lot of advantages, we all differ from each other in appearance. Owners of the figure of "hourglass" is available to any model of coat. Ladies with a figure of "triangle" is recommended to pay attention to the models that are able to focus on the top of the product. https://pix-feed.top/famous-brands-of-w … -segments/

Type of figure "inverted triangle", on the contrary, the most advantageous will look with additional volume on the coat at the bottom. As an option, it could be pleats or flared hem. Identical parameters of the shoulders and hips are wonderfully corrected by different decorations or the original cut. https://pix-feed.top/men-s-fashion-tren … 22-season/




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